Charlotte, NC Pet Sitting Services & Dog Walking SERVICES

Our Charlotte, NC pet sitting services and dog walking services are customized to your personalized needs. Above all, our services will help you manage your busy life by increasing flexibility in your schedule and, most importantly, maintaining a safe and loving environment for your pets. We consider it an honor to be able to care for your pets while you’re away! 

Charlotte, NC Pet Sitting Services

Whether you’re traveling for business or just need a vacation, taking your pet to a kennel can cause serious stress. However, we all know that’s the last thing we want for our loved ones. Our Charlotte, NC pet sitting services are an excellent alternative to boarding your pet at the vet’s office or kennel. Keeping them in the comfort of their own home and allowing a pet sitter to care for them alleviates a lot of stress and reduces the risk of exposure to communicable diseases.  

In addition to dogs and cats, woffer pet sitting services for birds, guinea pigs, lizards, fish, and other small animals. Our rates include 2 pets with an extra $2 fee for each additional pet for each visit. 

Fat Cat Charlotte, NC Pet Sitting Services
Pet Sitting Visit - $20

Our visits include a variety of services that will help your pet(s) feel more comfortable while you are away and keep your home fresh and lived-in.  

These services include: 

  • Play Time or Walk 
  • Food and Fresh Water (prevent periodontal disease with Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Water Additive) 
  • Administration of Medicine 
  • Scooping Cat Litter 
  • Home Care 

With our Home Care option, we will bring in the mail/newspaper, water your plants, take out the trash and recycling, and rotate the lights and blinds. We will give your home a lived-in look and keep things secure so you can relax while you are away. 

Pet Check (10-15 min) - $16
  • We will check in on your pet to make sure they are doing okay. 
  • Food and Fresh Water 
  • Potty Break 
  • Scooping Cat Litter 
  • Home Care 
Overnight Stay - $100

Nervous to leave your pet for a night away? We can help you and your pet feel more secure with overnight stays. These visits start at 10:00 pm and last until 6:30 am the next morning. You may need to add additional visits to break up the middle of their day. Sitter must be available. 

Dog Walking Services in Charlotte

Mid-day Dog Walk (30 min) - $20

Working long hours or traveling for the day? We'll come and walk your dog for you to help break up their day. This service helps to curb undesirable behaviors like potty accidents and destructive tendencies. Our dog walking service can also help Fido drop those unwanted pounds and expend extra energy that may cause destructive behaviors in your home. 

Additional Fees
  • Initial Consultation with Key Pick-up - Free
  • Additional Consultation - $20
  • Key Drop Off if not kept on file - $10
  • Late Scheduling Fee (with less than 48 hours' notice for each visit ) - $5
  • Holiday Late Scheduling Fee (under 7 days, flat rate, in addition to Late Scheduling Fee) - $20
  • Additional Pet (over 2) - $2 per pet 
Payment Information

We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal* 

*PayPal Requires a $2 Fee 

Collies Charlotte, NC Pet Sitting Services

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