Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Needs Your Help

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is in desperate need of volunteers and resources. Spring has sprung, and all of our local animal shelters and rescues are going to be overwhelmed; if they aren’t already. Today we are focusing on this wonderful group. They have a lot of intakes that aren’t necessarily birds, but they willingly get these animals to the right people for help. They also help rescue roosters from Cock Fighting Busts. The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is working hard to rescue injured wildlife in the Charlotte Area!


“We are desperate for help. We are so short handed for the baby bird feeding schedule. The songbird babies are very expensive as well. Email if you can help or PayPal to to help with costs of feeding birds.

Baby bird feeders must be able to take one three-hour shift every week.”

There are a few ways that you can help!




  • Donate Supplies: Visit their Amazon Wish List and be sure to choose Carolina Waterfowl Rescue as the Supporting Rescue at the top for an added bonus.


  • Like their Facebook Page and share their posts. You never know who your post will touch and you may help save a life!


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