The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness

Dog Backpack
Chloe with her Backpack

In the beginning:

Way back in 2010 I was introduced to the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. The company sent me a complimentary harness to try out because Chloe’s Playhouse just opened up for business. They guaranteed that dogs would stop pulling on walks. I thought it was too good to be true. There had to be a catch, but it was free, so I accepted the offer. When it came in the mail, I immediately opened it up and took it for a test drive with my Chloe Girl.

In her younger years, she was a constant puller. I tried everything to get that girl to stop pulling me around the block. Training helped a little bit, but if she saw or smelled something with her Beagle nose, there was no stopping her! So, I got her dressed in this harness; which was surprisingly easy. That is always a plus! It just goes over their head and snaps under their belly and behind their legs. Off we went! The first time she tried to pull, it gently turned her back towards me. It did that every time. So she never got the chance to pull me around the neighborhood. Our walk was officially changed. It was so much easier to take her for a walk!

Dogs wearing the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness
Dogs wearing the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness


As a dog walker, I have since gotten to try this wonderful harness out on lots of different doggies. I have the medium sized harness, so I am able to adjust it smaller or larger up to a point to use with many dog walking clients that are pullers. Owners tell me in their meet and greet that their dogs pull a lot. I always assure them that I have some tricks up my sleeve and I tell them about this harness.

There has never been a time that I’ve used this harness that it did not work as intended. I’ve been using the same gift for over 10 years now. I recommend this to everyone that tells me their dog pulls them on their walks. If a dog is a puller and also needs a lot of exercise to expend extra energy, I pair the harness with a doggie backpack. Backpacks basically double the time of your walk because the doggies are focused on the job of carrying the backpack. I never add more than one water bottle on each side for medium and larger sized dogs. Before you add a backpack to your walking regiment click here to read about the Do’s and Don’ts.

If you would like to pick up the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness for your Pup, click here to go directly to their site. If you would like more information on our Dog Walking Services click here. Happy Dog Walking!

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