Cold Weather Hack For Dog Walkers


Dog Walkers cold weather hack



Dog Walkers kind of live by the same motto as the Post Office, no matter the weather we’ll be there!  Being a Professional Dog Walker means I get to walk doggies in all types of weather.  This includes cold temperatures, and it seems Charlotte, NC is finally getting into the winter season.


I started wearing my gloves again to keep my hands from getting frostbite.  However,  I am not able to get those pesky dog poo bags open with them on.  So I reluctantly get my hand de-gloved, lick my finger, and separate the thin plastic.  By then, my hand is on its way to the Polar Express!


So here is a clever hack to save your fingers from becoming your drink’s next ice cube.  It’s really simple and takes about a second of preparation.  Follow these 4 simple steps.


1: Moisten your finger and get the bag opened.


2: Pry the bag all the way open and stick it in your pocket or tie it to the leash.


3: Head outside for your walk with gloves on.  When your pooch’s #2 arrives,  confidently grab your pre-opened bag and stick your gloved hand inside.


4: Reach down, pick it up, and tie it shut.


This last step is important. No one likes dog walkers that don’t clean up after their pooch.  There are always complaints in the neighborhood groups about this topic. Be a courteous neighbor!  Your life is now forever changed for the better! Go out and share this with all of your pet loving friends!

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