DIY Cat Litter Genie

On my pet sitting travels, I stumbled across an awesome invention at my kitty client’s house! They had made a DIY cat litter genie out of an empty cat litter bucket with the snap-on lid. I was in awe, and immediately wished I was still using traditional litter so I could make one for my house! We are now back to using traditional litter and we recently made another one of these. There’s a picture of our new one at the bottom of this post. 

The next time you need to buy litter,  purchase the big square container that has the snap-on lid.  The one used in this tutorial is from Tidy Cat,  but other companies have this type of container as well.  Follow these simple steps below to make one for free! 

DIY Cat Litter Genie Step 1


DIY Cat Litter Genie Step 1:

If your container is not empty,  the very first thing you want to do is transfer the rest of the clean litter to the old container for storage. Scroll down to complete the second step.  

DIY Cat Litter Genie Step 2

Step 2:

After that, grab an old plastic grocery bag or a smaller sized trash bag that’s big enough to fit nicely inside the container.  If the bag doesn’t fit snugly over the lip,  tape it down or use a giant rubber band. We do this because we want to keep the bag in place. We have used these biodegradable 4-6 gallon bags from Amazon.   

DIY Cat Litter Genie Step 3

Step 3:

To finish up this easy DIY project, scoop your litter pan and put the contents into your new genie. Then close the lid and store beside your pan or wherever works best in your home. You’ll want to do this because it will save you from having to drag it across the room when it’s time to scoop. We certainly want to make like easier and not harder!  

So Finally, there you have it! Now at this point you can decide to craft it up a bit.  Feel free to paint and bedazzle it to match the area it’s stored in.  You shouldn’t be able to smell anything,  but you can stick a small odor absorber to the top of the lid for extra protection.  Let me know what you think in the comments and post a picture of your own DIY Cat Litter Genie.  Happy Scooping!

DIY Cat Litter Genie
We used our Cricut machine, spray paint, and acrylic paint to decorate our
DIY Cat Litter Genie.

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  1. LeLanya Kunesh on August 26, 2023 at 4:35 pm

    Hello! Were you able to get the lid all the way off the pail? And if so, how did you accomplish this magic?? Thx!

    • Heather Bishop on October 17, 2023 at 2:15 pm

      Yes! We had to use a flat head screwdriver to help muscle it off. It wasn’t easy! I think we took to just using a grocery store bag and tying it shut to avoid having to take off the whole lid each time. I hope this helps!

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