The Kids love Chloe!

We live in an apartment complex and there are a lot of kids that live here too. All the kids love her! Yesterday she gave little McKenzie a kiss and today she saw Lexi. Lexi’s face lights up every time she sees her. She always points to her and says “Dog”. Today, before the storm hit the first time, Lexi and her mommy were coming back home from the playground. Lexi and Chloe met and she gave Lexi a gentle kiss. I swear it just melts my heart!
When the kids see her, they just want to love on her. I am able to teach the kids how to approach a dog that they don’t know and to always ask if they can pet them first before approaching. She is a great learning tool. Chloe takes it in stride and tries not to let the fame go to her head. How Sweet?! Check out this article about how to interact with dogs safely to prevent dog bites: