Finding Dory Review

Back in June I told you guys about a Finding Dory themed event at Petco. Unfortunately, the Petco store I visited had no idea they were supposed to be having the event. I showed them my email and they were quite surprised. Somebody definitely dropped the ball on that one. My little one was a little sad that she didn’t get to build her aquarium. However, as a fan of Finding Nemo, Finding Dory did not disappoint!
I was able to keep Mari 100% focused in it for as long as the popcorn and candy lasted. She’s 4 though and just starting to get into the swing of going to the movies. Her attention span changes like the weather though. She did great for The Secret Life of Pets. Just like in TSLOP, she was not a fan of the “scary” parts but overall we both enjoyed the movie. I was very excited to learn about Dory’s family history and to see Marvin and Nemo come through for their friend. I thought the other characters were also great additions to the storyline. I give this movie 5 stars! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out in a theater near you!
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