Secret Life of Pets Review

Back in June I told you guys about an event at PetSmart for the Secret Life of Pets. The event really didn’t pan out. I was a little disappointed. I thought they were giving away free movie tickets for the kids, but it turned out you had to buy a few boxes of treats to get a code to redeem the ticket. Well, the cost of the treats outweighed the price of a child’s ticket at the theater so I left empty-handed, but did get some cool movie themed activity sheets. Ok Skip ahead!

I didn’t get to go see the movie right away, but there were sold out shows all over the place! I actually waited until the end of July and went to see it with my daughter and some of my family. We had a blast! In fact, there were 6 of us total and we got there with about 10 tickets left to sell. We made it by the skin of our teeth!

Mari (my daughter) enjoyed Chloe the cat in the movie! The only thing she didn’t like was the bad crew led by the bunny. She’s 4 though. Me on the other hand absolutely loved the movie! I am a huge fan of Louis C. K. and Kevin Hart! It was a little tough to get their faces out of my head at first, but after the first few minutes you forget all about them. There was even a dog walker in the movie! I won’t leave you with any spoilers, but if you love pets like we do, you should definitely go see this Movie!
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