We made it back in one piece!

Chloe and I had quite a lovely trip back home to York, PA! We left at 1:30am on the 1st of June and ventured up I85 to I95 to Baltimore Beltway to I83. We inevitably got stuck in DC traffic because I had to take a nap. Which worked out fairly decent because I missed Baltimore traffic. LOL Chloe was excited to go on a Car Ride to see Grandma. We got to spend a lot of time with my mom and my grandma so Chloe was very happy! She even got to run around with Sasha (my mom’s doggie). Chloe had a great vacation!

What about me? Well I did too. I got to see my family, my good friends, and I got to see my brother Henry graduate from High School! Oh my! I started crying from the time I stepped into the arena to sit down until the end! I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted, but I did enjoy the time and company spent with the one’s I did. Thank you to my friends and family in York for making our trip great!