Heartworm and Flea & Tick Prevention



The temperature is warming up! I think winter finally went away. Hooray! I looked at my Vet records and realized it was time to get caught up on heartworm and flea & tick prevention medicines. We all lead a very busy life, so I was pleased to discover Bravecto. It lasts for 3 months! My family has also been using ProHeart 6 for heartworm preventative. One shot lasts 6 months.
I brought home the Bravecto and popped open the package to give it to them with dinner. With Comfortis, which I also LOVE, I had to douse it with peanut butter to get them to eat it. Bravecto, however, looks like a chewy treat. So both pups gobbled it up with no effort!
I’m so happy to have found this new Flea and Tick preventative. I can rest easy this summer knowing my two pups are protected from these infamous parasites. Call your vet today and ask about these two medicines. Feel free to email me with any questions about this blog post or pet sitting & dog walking services in South Charlotte at www.chloesplayhouse.com/contact.

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