Sunflower Fields at Draper Wildlife Management Area


The Sunflower Fields are in bloom at the Draper Wildlife Management Area in McConnells, SC. They will not disappoint! You should have about 5-7 more days of blooms in the 2020 season. You’ll be sure to grab some Instagram worthy pictures!

My Chloe girl is too old to make this trek, but I couldn’t help but think that someone could really get some wonderful doggy pictures at this location! My advice, for people and pets alike, is to get there super early! That South Carolina sun is FIERCE! Plus in the morning or an overcast day, you won’t have to squint if you want to jump in the picture with your pup. Also the GPS will get a little funky and take you past the entrance. So keep an eye out for the sign before you get to the Historic Brattonsville Plantation. Our friends at BARKography actually just did a blog post with some great DIY pet photography tips. If you would rather stick to the professionals, please reach out to Kim Hollis at BARKography. Her pictures are absolutely stunning! Follow her on Instagram and while you are there, follow me too!


  1. Kim on July 3, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout out in your post. I have a couple of spots open this week if anyone wants to book.

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